Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Places to Eat? - Crave Bakery

Crave Bakery: the new Henry's Market in Woodland Hills sells their products. Check their website for their numerous locations.
They describe themselves as follows
Crave Bakery has created a full line of gluten-free, casein-free desserts. Whether you’re on the GFCF diet because you have food allergies, celiac disease, an autistic child or just appreciate alternative and organic ingredients; we have something to satisfy your cravings. Enjoy the handmade flavor of products made with quality dark chocolate, free-range eggs, fresh ground flax seeds and organic brown rice flour.
I'm planning to try out some products and let you know.

GF section at Henry's Farmer's Market? Woodland Hills location

Henry's Farmer's Market - got a hot tip that they have a gluten free section here (much like whole foods south pasadena). I'm planning to check it out soon. There is one in Burbank, and one in Woodland Hills.

Woodland Hills Address and Phone:
21821 Ventura Boulevard. Woodland Hills, CA 91364-1838.
(818) 887-6473

Breakfast Item Review - Ian's Wafflewiches

Ian's Wafflewiches - 2 in a box.
Been craving that processed food flavor? Ian's wheat free/gluten free breakfast sandwiches (with gf waffles as bread...waffle + sandwich = wafflewich...duh.) are here to help!

Sausage and Egg Wafflewich - Tastes like something from a fast food restaurant. Rich flavor, made me quesy, didn't need to eat again for hours...just like the real thing. I didn't really like the sausage, and it could have done with some cheese..wich (pun intended) leads us to the other version.

Egg and Maple Cheddar Wafflewich - the cheddar is an upgrade over sausage, and maple syrup is good with just about anything. I felt like something was missing however, and I added my own strips of GF bacon to the second egg and maple cheddar wafflewich...results...rich, filling, less quesy factor. Great with coffee.

Canadian Bacon, Egg, and Maple Cheddar Wafflewich - doesn't exist, but should. I would pay a little more for this. Ian, if you're listening...er...reading, get it done.