Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wingstop - NO LONGER Gluten Free Wings of ANY kind(Beware)

Once upon a time there were GF wings offered atWingstop.

I went on their website to find a location near me and decided to double check the allergens. 

Egad!  ALL of their food now is listed as containing gluten because of the way they filtrate their oil in the cleaning process, even the bone-in wings may have trace amounts of gluten...and can no longer be called completely gluten-free.  (I'm guessing that means that they mix the boneless and bone-in wing oil during the cleaning process.)

Don't believe me (or don't want to believe me)? 

Their allergens can be found on the website here.

Looks like I will be going to TGI Friday's for some bone-in wings that are GF from now on.  Several locations now offer a gluten free menu...ask at the one nearest to you.  I'll post some photos when I get around to it.

I guess this shows that it is always good to double check that allergen information at a restaurant has not changed since your last visit....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

GF Restaurant Review - Seasons 52 at South Coast Plaza

A few weeks ago I visited Seasons52 in the South Coast Plaza.

Their name comes from a "seasonally-inspired" menu (their words). They use fresh ingredients and promise that nothing on the menu is over 475 calories. 
Seasons52 Coaster

Their alternative menus (including gluten free) can be found here.

I had a nice beef meal, with seasonal vegetables and tasty potatoes.  The sauce was tasty, but probably too spicy for most people (I really enjoyed it).
Gluten Free Lunch @ Seasons 52 in South Coast Plaza
 I enjoyed the meal, but was rather hungry a few hours later (the downside of a low calorie lunch).

Service was attentive and unobtrusive.  The interior was nicely designed, though some of the dining room chairs looked rather battered.
Seasons 52 Interior

The wait for food was about 20 minutes, because it was cooked to order, so make sure you are not in a rush. 

The official address is:
Seasons 52
At South Coast Plaza
3333 Bristol St Suite # 2802
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 437-5252
It is located on the outside of the mall, the entry looks like this:
Seasons 52 Costa Mesa Entry Hits 10,000 page views

Thanks to you readers, got its 10,000th page view yesterday.  Thanks for using my gluten free resource as your resource also.  I'll be trying a small format change in the future, with more top 5 lists going forward.  Let me know how you like it.