Sunday, March 7, 2010

GF Soy Sauce - Wok up an appetite

Gluten Free Soy Sauce...?  
Essential if you want to create stir fry dishes.  Lots of things I used to enjoy to eat elsewhere I must now create at home (how I miss you orange chicken 3 item combo...).  I'm planning to cook some GF Mongolian Beef sometime in the not-to distant future.

Anyway, back to the GF soy sauce...

I use the kind seen to the left in the ad...but I buy mine in a larger size for less money at Vons.  That said, wherever you buy prepared to pay more than you think it should cost...(haven't you learned yet? GF versions of gluten items are generally more expensive)...also, my apologies for that long, strange, run-on sentence...I liked the sentence less than I wanted to, but not nearly enough to change it.

Overheard in the grocery aisle. 
Person 1 - "Do you have any gluten free soy sauce?"
Person 2 - "Isn't soy sauce made out of soy?"
Person 1 - "I'll take that as a no."
Yes, you devotee of Sherlock Holmes ...I was Person 1 in the story

I've located the San-J brand GF soy sauce at Vons and at Whole Foods.  The price at Vons is much better for keeping your money in your is the exact same product.

As always, check the label for yourself to make sure that you are getting a GF product.  I have a list here of things that contain gluten.Wheat free is not always gluten free.

Wok are you waiting for...?  get out there and start stir frying!  and if you come up with a good version of GF Mongolian beef, please leave me the recipe as a comment.

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