Sunday, November 28, 2010

GF @ LA Live (gluten free at LA live) GF near Staples Center.

A few friends and I went to the Laker home opener a few weeks ago.  I did some research and discovered that there are at least 2 places to eat gluten free food at LA Live (across from Staples Center).

The places were:
ROCK'N FISH:  The main menu is available here. Their 2 page GF menu is not online.  I emailed them shortly after eating there, to ask for a PDF of the GF menu.  They have not responded to my request.  If they do, I will post it.  I ate the:
Aged Prime Top Sirloin Steak.  
USDA PRIME 10 oz center cut
Top Sirloin Culotte, aged for 30 days, Midwest, corn fed.

It came with 2 sides (the GF side choices are extensive, I picked garlic mashed potatoes and sweet potato fries...yum), they do not have a gf version of their famous spicy mac and cheese.
The price was reasonable for the food and service.  I would definitely eat there again.  I just wish they would put the GF menu online in order to encourage more celiacs to eat at rock'n fish la that the menu does not vanish.  It is nice to have reasonably priced GF options near Staples Center.

The other place you can eat is very pricey, but good.  Great if you are eating on a company expense account or per diem - which I am not. 
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar: I have not eaten at the LA Live location.  I ate at the Woodland Hills location recently.  The LA Live location was full to capacity when I tried to eat there, and ended up at Rock'n Fish (my wallet was thankful).  Here is a link to their gluten free menu.

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