Monday, June 20, 2011

GF BBQ in the OC and Long Beach (newport rib company)

It is nice to find somewhere that serves celiac friendly food, and an added bonus if the food is actually decent.
Newport Rib Company is GREAT!

Their menu identifies menu items as being gluten free or gluten/casein free. 

They have a large menu.  There are salads for the non-carnivores, but I'd recommend vegans eat elsewhere and save the table space for people that want some excellent GF BBQ.

In Costa Mesa, they are called "The Newport Rib Company."  The Long Beach location is called "Naples Rib Company."  I ate at the Newport Rib Company, so all comments and pics are from that location.
The first picture is of their BBQ sauce.  I don't know why there are babies on the bottle (bit strange), but their BBQ sauce is free of gluten and casein.  They sell it at some local stores, and I got a bottle to take home w/me.  The sauce is great, and can be slathered liberally on anything (except maybe your morning cereal).
Gluten Free BBQ Sauce from the rib company 
The next picture is of "The Combo."  It is a Ribs, Chicken, Brisket, and Louisiana Hot Sausage platter.
"The Combo"
I tried to consume an entire BBQed Baby Back Ribs Platter (A Very Large Size).  My sides were BBQed beans and Mashed Sweet Potatoes (both GF and good).  I managed to defeat the ribs, but was unable to eat for about 18 hours as I was so incredibly full.  They were lovely and were so large that they draped off the edge of the plate.
BBQed Baby Back Ribs (A Very Large Size)
All dinners are served with cornbread, fresh vegetables (corn for me), fruit (in this case pineapple), and your choice of 2 sides (extensive list).  They have 2 types of cornbread, GF and regular.  It was nice to see that the GF variety had a different shape, so that there was absolutely no confusion about which one was the GF.  The GF cornbread was warm and steaming. Excellent.
Gluten Free Cornbread
I highly recommend Newport Rib Company for anyone looking for GF BBQ.  Non-celiacs will love it too.

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  1. This is my favorite BBQ spot. Gf cornbread and ribs are to die for. BBQ sauce is the bomb!