Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh [profanity], not that one again... buy it twice...shame on me.

Oops, I did it again...rather catchy late 90s tune, but downright annoying when it comes to gluten free grocery shopping.

We've all done it....purchased something that sounds or looks great but ends up being terrible.  Then, we compound the error by purchasing the same horrible item a few months later when the chalk taste or whatever other issue it has is out of our short term memory.

Glass half full guy: "That is great, there are so many GF products that you can forget some are bad."
Glass half empty guy: "GF doesn't mean I should donate my money for a catchy box or something that tastes bad."
Charles Barkley:  "That is turrible. Turrible, turrible, turrible."  (to my knowledge, Chuck does not read my blog, nor is he a celiac) 
Me: "Oh [profanity deleted]I am such a moron.  How could I waste my money on that [profanity] again.  Aaargh!"  (at which point I run from the room to spit into the trash can and wipe off my tongue...vowing never to do that again)

I don't know that your taste buds will agree with mine. is a list of GF products that I just found awful.  I have sorted them by store purchased (though many GF items are available in more than one location).  My goal:  to prevent using profanity around people while eating...unless I am in a bar and watching a sporting event of some kind.

obviously a work in progress...I realize some of the products will be improved upon and I will miss out on a good version 2.0 - that is something my wallet and I are OK with.

The "Oh [profanity]!" list  (will be updated semi-regularly...much like the rest of the site) 
Store - alleged description according to the packaging....(I disagree)
Trader Joe's
1. Crunchy Curls - A Tasty Lentil & Potato Snack

Whole Foods


  1. We are Henrys Farmers Markets (32 in San Diego and Los Angeles area) are very involved with GF products. We feature fresh, seasonal, local, affordable produce, having grown up from an actual 1943 farmers market.
    We have a GF walking tour in the store and label every GF product with a visible shelf marker, and invite your group to participate in such a tour with samplings.
    Gerry Furth-Sides
    Henrys Farmers Markets
    (310) 202-6412
    mobile: (310) 701-6412