Saturday, January 30, 2010

Babycakes NYC - The Photos...

I'm not sure why I can't update these into my old post...?  budding bloggers, see photo editor note below

Anyhoo (for my Wisconsin readers) are the photos.

Caption 1: The tiling at the floor entry (exterior)...notice the cupcake.

Caption 2: Here I am in front of the store...
focus on the storefront rather than my face, and no...I am not in witness protection.. 

Caption 3: A glass display from inside the are the T-shirts they sell...expensive...but nice niche.
sadly, nothing was appropriate for a heterosexual male...otherwise I would be rocking one right now.  
(I don't even think there was anything for a metrosexual male....but that is something to decide for yourself)

P.S.#1 - Wisconsin Readers:I don't believe that I have Wisconsin readers...I know of 1 occasional reader from Wisconsin, but I am not so brash as to believe that other Wisconsites/Wisconsonians..? read the blog.  If they do, they can take solace in the fact that...plain cheese is gluten free :-)

P.S. #2 - Photo editor's note to self: The last image was uploaded very easily as I modified the image size in photoshop in order to make the file size smaller.  That may have been the problem when I tried to upload earlier.  You may have noticed that some of my other image files were huge (see Blue Smoke pics for examples).  I'll try to avoid that in the future...


  1. Thanks for reaching out to Wisconsinites. Glad to see you've already covered two of the three food choices in the Badger State (cheese and beer). The other food choice, bratwurst, can be tricky. Supposedly Johnsville Original Brats are gluten free. Of course a true Wisconsinite would know to soak the brats in beer before considering them edible, so beware the extra step....

  2. Here is a similar bakery in Philly. Check out this site