Saturday, May 1, 2010

Place to Try - Gluten Free Pizza at zpizza

Z Pizza has numerous locations.  Someone I know recently told me about the zpizza gluten free pizza crust option.  I have yet to check it out.  I want to double check if they use a separate station for the GF toppings to avoid cross contamination (CC for you GF geeks) and watch them make one before I can actually tell you to eat there....that said, look at the GF menu options here, the locations here, and let me know if it is worth going to (should you try it before me).
          Full disclosure: The pictures are from my screen shots of their website.


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  2. Good to know. The Z Pizza places in Burbank and Newport Beach both told me that they cross contaminate and don't have separate prep stations or utensils. I am glad that the cross contamination is not franchise wide, but it means that you need to be very diligent if wanting to eat at Z pizza (call ahead if traveling, don't just expect them to be able to handle your dietary needs...and watch that they are actually following through on careful food preparation).

  3. The one in Tustin is good. They are careful, separate utensils and cooking area. No cross-contamination. We got the same info from Newport so didn't eat there. Guess it depends on location