Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gluten Free Pizza at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse - Thin Crust, GF Beer, 2 enthusiastic GF thumbs up.

So, I just ate lunch at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse in Newport Beach, near the Balboa Pier.
106 Main St.
Newport Beach , CA 92661
949.675.7567 FAX
At Balboa by the Pier
It is a small place, with friendly waiters and a nice ambiance.

They have some new menu items that are GF, and their new gluten free pizza is the feature item in a new promotional campaign.

Here is the table flyer...

I shared my concerns about cross contamination (why Whole Foods gluten-free pizza is to be avoided) with the waiter, who assuaged my fears by explaining that the GF pizza has a separate prep station, separate sauces, and is very obsessively kept apart from the normal pizza.   

According to their Gluten-free selections menu, they have 5 salads, some soup, 4 types of stuffed potatoes, steak, salmon, and roasted chicken that can be prepared in a gluten-free manner.  I opted for the Gluten-Free Thin Crust Pizza. 
  Their menu describes it as "A flavorful, herb-infused, 10-inch crust baked to a golden brown and topped with your favorite gluten-free toppings.  With the exception of our meatballs, all of BJ's Classic Ingredients are gluten-free."
I opted for Hawaiian with a twist. Ham, Pineapple, Roasted Garlic.  I ordered a gluten-free beer on the side (Redbridge, reviewed in another post).  It arrived looking good, and tasted better.

The entire meal, pizza with three toppings and a $4.50 beer, came to less than $20.  It was great to be out at a pizza place at the beach, with beer and without worries.  I hope that this brings BJ's some additional business so that they keep the gluten free pizza.  I know I will be back, and bringing other customers with me.

Here is a photo of the outdoor menu..

The official website is here.  The pizza toppings are here.


  1. This is great! Inexpensive GF pizza AND GF beer! I am so there!

  2. What are the ingredients in the crust? Does anyone know? carol4catz@yahoo.com

  3. I have also discovered BJ's for my gluten free needs. We have a rather large BJ's here is Dallas , Tx and I LOVE the pizza. I hope others find this place too :)