Monday, July 26, 2010

Gluten Free at Dodger Stadium (beer and snacks)

So I went to watch the Dodger play the equally hapless Mets last Saturday.
I had read in the LA Times that the Dodgers (by way of their food server - Levy Restaurants) would be offering some gluten free items this year.  I didn't want to post until I checked it out.

You need to find the Kaiser Permanent Healthy Plate cart.
Here is what the cart sign looks like...

Here is a picture of the prices...notice that the GF Beer, Redbridge, is not unreasonably priced (for a ballpark) at $6 per 12 oz bottle. It is about a 400% markup over normal store most other beer.

And lastly, here is a picture of the gluten free redbridge beer (so you know it is not a myth).  Remember, beer sales stop in the 7th inning, so get their early and ask for the Kaiser Cart with the gluten free beer...

Sadly, the food left almost everything to be desired...they only had GF snacks.

There were only 3 choices..1) gummy bears 2)pistachios 3)snack bars.
 (and the gummy bears were getting mushy in direct sunlight)

I wrote before about the new gluten free food at the new Met Stadium, which included some GF BBQ and other fun things.  Even the Washington Wizards have some GF foods available.  It's sad that there are not better offerings for the 56,000 fans that Dodger Stadium can hold. If they have an average ratio of about 1 in 100 people as a celiac, that means there are 560 celiacs that can't buy a proper meal at Dodger Stadium (when the stadium is sold out).

In short, it is a good start, but underwhelming.  It would be great if the Dodgers and Levy Restaurants were more proactive about catering to people with dietary needs (particularly celiac disease).  I would go to more Dodger games each year if I was able to eat food (which means more food, ticket, and parking money for the McCourts).


  1. I wrote Angels Stadium on my wife's behalf. They responded that their new Melissa's Harvest stand locations at both food courts outside the first and third base lines (field level) have gluten free hot dogs, Redbridge GF beer, and more. They said Toro Sushi is also gluten free.

  2. That is great news. Thanks for the update.

  3. Hey Anonymous...We are talking about Dodger Stadium not the lame Angels. Wake UP!