Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gluten Free Cider

Everyone loves a good list.  Here is the list of the top gluten free ciders (that I have tried and recall enough to write about).  Beware, some other ciders are not gluten free due to additives etc (avoid Hornsby's for example).  Everything on this list was Gluten Free when I tried it.   I'll add photos eventually.  I purchased everything at bevmo, but most are available elsewhere.  Expect to pay about $1.50 per 12 ounces (9 bucks a 6-pack for you non-math folk).

1. Fox Barrel - Hard Apple Cider.  6.0% alcohol  They claim...

Using freshly pressed juice and a passion for quality,our ciders are refreshing and enjoyable, equally comfortable on the beach or at a dinner party.
I had the 22oz variety and I agree. I claim...
Sweet dang.  That is delicious.  I do feel refreshed. Thank you sir, may I have another.  I'd even drink it if I didn't have celiac disease.  It is kind of them to have a large "Gluten Free" under the nutrition facts.  It is a tad pricey.

2a. Woodchuck Draft Cider - Amber.  5.0% alcohol.  The original flavor.  Amber/golden honey color and good aftertaste.  Non-celiacs will approve of the flavor also. 

2b. Woodchuck Draft Cider - 802.   The name comes from the area code in Vermont that the cider is made.  They "use caramelized sugar instead of white sugar to tone down the sweetness" (their words). I think it tasted pretty sweet (of the..."that sounds pretty sweet to me" variety).  I would definitely have it again.  Different than the amber, not better or worse.

4.  Woodchuck Draft Cider - Spring Cider. 5.0% alcohol. Yellow label with spring meadow scene.  Granny smith with a hint of honey.  Grand improvement over plain Granny Smith.  Mellow smooth tones in your mouth and a friendly aftertaste.

5. Woodchuck Draft Cider - Granny Smith.  5.0% alcohol.  Makes your mouth pucker like you are drinking a sour apple jolly rancher or some fancy less than butch apple-tini.  Apple taste is so strong it seems healthy.  A unique way to get your daily serving of fruits.  I am not too enamored with this.

7. (tie) Woodchuck Draft Cider - Fall Cider (limited release).  5.0% alcohol. Back before my celiac disease was diagnosed, I'd drink beer.  This is the "Sierra Nevada Pale Ale" of ciders.  It is not very pleasant initially, but given a chance repeatedly (over more than a few weeks), it began to grow on me a little.  I think this has the potential to be a cult classic.  You may love or hate it, but try it 6 times before you totally write it off.  I still think it tastes like pine tree urine with a hint of apple.  Has an autumnal label (sorry no pic).

7. (tie)Woodchuck Draft Cider - Raspberry.  4.0% alcohol.  In an obscure reference to tombstone (val kilmer's doc holiday)...Raspberry is my huckleberry.  I just did not really like it.  Too much of the raspberry, would be fine as a dessert cider, but more than one is too many.  I may be too harsh.

Woodchuck Draft Cider - Pear - 4.0% alcohol.  I have not tried yet.

There are other ciders out there that I have not tried or forget...looks like I need to get out there and try some. Also, is it just me...or is cider a strange word.  Look at it on its own.    cider          CIDER          strange.

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