Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best Gluten Free Hamburgers (with GF bun)

1. Stacked: Food Well Built - I've eaten the burgers twice at their Thousand Oaks location.  Great! Lots of GF options. Ipad ordering shows exactly what is GF and the management is well aware of cross contamination issues and how to avoid them. The GF buns and burgers would fool a non-celiac. My burger (one of them) included double patties, two cheeses, lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli sauce, bacon, a scrambled egg, and more than I can remember.  Keep up the good work.  Photos to follow when I get around to it. Other locations in Torrance, Cerritos, and San Diego.

2. ????????????

I'd love to add to this list, though it is hard to find gluten free hamburgers that have a bun rather than just a lettuce wrap.  Let me know if there are others I should try...please don't recommend places that you know cross contaminate the bun or burger during cooking.


  1. The Counter is great. They have GF buns and are awesome about Cross Contamination.

  2. Red Robin has a gluten free cheeseburger that is just okay