Tuesday, August 27, 2013

El Pollo Loco's Not So Gluten Free Menu (not much of a menu when you factor in cross contamination)

Not to go off on a rant, but most of the items on El Pollo Loco's hyped Gluten Free menu are NOT celiac friendly.  It is great that they want to serve gluten free food, but after speaking with their guest services telephone number....I think it would be hard to make a truly gluten free meal.

For example, the fries and taquitos are cross contaminated in the fryer.  The chicken (something that I thought should be fine) is also NOT ok, as it is chopped in the same location as the chicken marinated in soy sauce (which contains wheat).  The customer service representative was kind enough to point out that many other items on the gluten free menu are probably also cross contaminated, and that I should check carefully with the restaurant manager before ordering.

Ask them yourself by calling 1-877-375-4968 (5am-9pm Pacific Time, seven days a week).

Why is there no corporate concern about cross contamination? Maybe the FDA will get involved when their gluten free food labeling law finally takes effect in August of 2014...

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