Thursday, January 28, 2010

Babycakes NYC ( will add photos at later date.....blogger is lagging)

Babycakes - also known as Babycakes NYC.
They just opened a place in LA called Babycakes in LA (rocket science).

New York Address to cut/paste into google.
248 Broome Street,  New York City, NY 10002
(on the lower east side Btwn Orchard & Ludlow)

I'd been looking forward to going here, as everyone always asked me if I'd been...and now I have.

First impression...nice cupcake tile at the entry (I notice random things like that).

In a random alley of an up-and-coming (read hip/edgy/sketchy at night) neighborhood. Small interior...I'd pictured something larger, but it is New York).
There was a small counter with a few display cases.

It was great that everything is dairy free and soy free, but I couldn't understand why they make things with spelt (not everything, some things are GF).

Beware of Spelt: Items are either spelt or gluten free. Spelt=gluten. I am sure they do a decent job avoiding cross contamination, but why bother having spelt? I don't know anyone that thinks..."mmm....I could do with some spelt." So, be very careful when ordering. I would feel better about things if the spelt had not shared display cases with the GF food.

Service: The employees were friendly and helpful (contrary to some negative reviews many other people have written online).

GF Food:I ordered a plethora of GF food and sat down at the small counter and consumed it all.

Everything was good and tasty, but rather small and expensive.  I had the chocolate crumble GF cake, a chocolate glazed donut (winner of the best taste award - though it had a hint of lemon...but I am a sucker for chocolate glazed donuts and hadn't had one for over a year), some brownies,  a carrot cake muffin (also delicious), and a cup of coffee.

Result:  I left on a sugar and caffeine high that was great! I was shaking like someone shooting the halftime half court shot at a Knicks game...eventually the effect wore off and I had a bit of a headache (I blame the caffeine not the GF food).

However, those on a budget couldn't afford to eat here too often (as I would tend to pig out...also, a plane ticket to NYC is a budget buster).  But when in NY next time, I will try to work in 2 visits during the week...

Final thought: I'd love it if they added some savory GF breakfast options that I could get "to go" and eat for breakfast....coconut almond GF scone anyone?  What they have is very good, but I think they can do better...and I look forward to them proving me correct.
Other:  The owner wrote a the recipes carefully to stay GF.  Spelt contains Gluten! and a lot of the recipes have spelt.

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