Sunday, January 10, 2010

Website Review - The Gluten-Free Mall

Someone ordered me some GF food as a holiday gift. They shopped at The Gluten-Free Mall. I checked out the website and discovered..
1. It has been around since 1998.
2. Has lots of categories and food choices and is word searchable.
3. They have secure online ordering and most items are shipped on the next business day.
4. They call themselves "Your Special Diet Superstore"...I prefer, "You are special and so is your diet"...infinitely more cheesy.
5. They have a cool logo (probably should have been number 1, as I am still working on my logo for Celiacs United.)

You can sign up for coupons from The Gluten-Free Mall, and updates from by clicking here.

I'll blog at a later date about the food I was given...still have some to eat first.


  1. I have bought things off of this site. I only buy products with 4 or more stars. I haven't been disappointed yet.

  2. I went looking for gluten free lasgne noodles and found one, 1 box $9.00, shipping. $9.00...that's just insane! I refuse to use them for gouging sick people!

    1. Sadly, that's everywhere. Gluten-free food is normally UBER expensive no matter where you shop.
      (I was searching for Schar's gluten-free products because I heard they are REALLY good and GFM's prices are the cheapest by FAR!)

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