Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Advocacy Email - Chipotle

So, I went on the Chipotle website and was proactive about my problems with their cross contamination. You are able to comment and send them emails. Here is what I wrote...sent at 11:15 am on November 11th, 2009.
I have celiac disease, and am allergic to gluten. I enjoy your barbacoa fajita bowl. Sadly, all the Chipotles that I have visited have the same problem - cross contamination of the cheese and lettuce (very bad for me). If you watch, employees roll burritos with the same gloves with which they grab the cheese and lettuce. Occasionally, workers also touch the tongs to the burritos when they serve the meat or other items. As I am allergic to flour, I would very much appreciate it if your assembly line began using tongs for the cheese and lettuce. It would also be great if you emphasized the need to avoid cross contamination of serving instruments. You do a great job of providing gluten free products, but need to be more cognizant dangers of cross contamination. I will post your response on my website.

If you'd like to chime in and tell Chipotle how you feel, do so here.


  1. Obviously the above commenter sees the world through the eyes of a douche. Thanks for the post Simon! I used to eat chipotle once a week but have had a bad experience the past two times I've eaten there so I am reluctant to return. Even if you ask them to change their gloves the spoons used to dish out meat, rice, beans & salsa typically make contact with the tortillas so if you are sensitive to the slightest cross-contamination you may want to avoid chipotle altogether. A sad realization for me as well.

  2. i removed the initial comment, that anonymous was referring to. it didn't add anything to the blog, so didn't need to be there. i am still eating at chipotle, and asking them to change gloves...they are pretty used to the request, so i must not be the only gf chipotle eater that makes the request.

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