Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Places I choose to eat.

Hugo's Restaurant - expansive GF menu (and not that expensive). specials change weekly. I've only eaten at the Studio City location. Always pretty full, mixed crowd. Click here for the gluten free menu. And click here for the specials.

Chipotle - Wish I had bought stock in them 3 years ago. Get a burrito bowl and go to town. I go for the barbacoa fajita bowl.
Sadly, they have problems with cross contamination on the cheese and lettuce (avoid). If you watch, they roll burritos with the same gloves with which they grab the cheese and lettuce. Click here for allergen info.

In-n-out Burger - The key is Protein Style. Get a cheeseburger, hamburger, or double double. Protein style has lettuce instead of a bun. Avoid the sauce due to cross contamination. Fries are allowable as they have a dedicated fryer (another secret for you newbies to look for). My typical order is something like this
I'll take two double doubles, protein style, no sauce with tomato and cheese only and a side of fries. You got that that was protein style no sauce right?
If you are eating with a non-celiac friend, it is best to order separately as it is a hassle to try to explain why your protein style burger cannot share a bag with a gluten dripping, bread encrusted, cheeseburger.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro
- great gluten free menu with wide variety. Sometimes you need to ask for the gluten free menu, but lately it has been part of the normal menu on a special page. Has even got gluten free soy sauce (usually wheat based, but not if you order it GF here). Only problem is the dishes are rather strongly flavored - ie. Lemon Chicken. Also, there are no beef dishes available..."C'mon now, why no Mongolian Beef, Chang?" The flourless chocolate cake will put you in an eyes rolled back sugar food coma. Click here for the gluten free menu.

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