Monday, November 16, 2009

Positive GF snack review - TJs honey plantain strips

The first of many positive food reviews (I hope). Just picked up some Honey Plantain Strips from Trader Joe's. Only chose them because they were GF, relatively cheap, and sounded interesting. I devoured the entire bag...Nice flavor, could let them marinate in my mouth and gradually dissolve, or could chew on them. I'd recommend the marination, as it will make the bag last longer (Is marination even a word?). The whole bag chipped in (pun intended) at less than 400 calories, not bad for so much Honey. My one gripe about the product is that plantains tended to clump together - like boys at a junior high dance. I had to crack apart quite a few plantains in order to avoid putting a whole chunk of honey plantain in my cheek to dissolve over time. Would get them again in future, but not all the time...nice change of pace in the snack world.

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