Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mmmm....Gluten Free Beers

Here are some gluten free beers. Note that they are never cheap. Get used to paying more for your alcohol. On a positive note, after a few years without beer, it'll all taste relatively decent.

I'll cover gluten free ciders some other time (yes, some ciders do have gluten - such as Hornsby's Hard Cider which you should avoid)

Redbridge Beer - The daily drinker. I get mine at Bevmo or Whole Foods. If you buy it by the case at Whole Foods, you get an additional 10% off. Good value for money. It is like the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry of Gluten Free Beers. If they had any lame pub signs or anything, I would put them up in my garage.

Bard's Tale Golden Dragon Lager. Nice change of pace. Bottle design will inspire conversation with LARPers (Live Action Role Players - if that is your type...people that think about how life would be like with Dragons)...

New Grist Beer - Also relatively affordable. From Milwaukee, home of the Brewers...so it has got to be decent. Also, there is a smiley face on the bottle.

Green's - Variety of gluten free beers, but they are pretty effing expensive. I don't know that my wallet can afford my tastebuds should I try them (I have not). If you have money to burn, some of them are sold at Bevmo for about $6 a bottle.

Ramapo Valley Honey Beer is gluten free and Kosher...for you Kosher Celiacs. That said, they have been having a tough time expanding their brewery operations.

Hambleton Ales has both a GF ale and a GF lager, neither of which I have ever seen. Much like Bigfoot, I have heard rumors, seen blurry photos, and read about them in the Weekly World News. I have never seen them in person.

I realize there are a few I am missing, feel free to add them in comments. I'd also like to create some sort of ratings system. I'll look into that later.

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