Tuesday, November 10, 2009

F is for Fuhgeddaboutit (things that contain gluten)

Though most of my posts will strive to have a positive trend to them (as my first follower requested), I also need to be able to check things to be sure that they are OK. Hence, things to not eat...if you have celiac disease.

This is not the definitive list, as there may be things I am not aware of...

artificial flavor, avena, barley, beer (except the kinds listed in my GF beer post), blue cheese (most OK, not all), bouillon, bran, brewers yeast, broth (some), brown rice syrup (some), bulgur, caramel color (depends - usually OK in the USA but not elsewhere), communion wafers (if you are going to mass), couscous, cracker meal, croutons, dextrin (some), dextrimaltose, durum, edible starch, einkorn, emmer, envelope glue, farina, farro, filler, flavoring, flour (duh), food starch (some), fu (dried wheat gluten), germ, glucose syrup (some), gravy cubes, groats, ground spices (some), ham (check for wheat in coating), kamut, malt (and anything with the word malt...like malted milk, malt vinegar, etc), maltodextrin (some - usually from corn) , mir, miso, MSG (monosodium glutemate), mustard powder (some), natural flavoring, oats (due to excessive chance of crosscontamination), pasta, rice malt (don't let the word rice fool you), rye, scotch (alcohol), seitan (another word for wheat), semolina, soy sauce (there is 1 gluten free version), spelt, smoke flavoring, soba noodles, stamp glue, starch (some), stock cubes, suet, tabbouleh, teriyaki sauce, textured vegetable protein, triticale, triticum (found in some energy bars), udon, vegetable starch, vinegar (can be sketchy...OK if from an apple source), vitamins (some), whole-meal flour, anything with the word WHEAT in it.

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